Setting up a web3 wallet!

One of the better known wallets for Ethereum is called Metamask, while for the Cosmos and Regen ecosystems you'll probably want to look at Keplr. Both of these wallets are browser extensions. The latter is only available for the Chrome browser so you'll need to have it, or download it first as a prerequisite before installing Keplr. The most secure wallet however is a hardware wallet like the Ledger or Trezor!

Installing a Cosmos based wallet

  • Download the Chrome browser and open it. Download Keplr wallet on the Chrome store. You'll see a blue Add button, click it. An Add Keplr window will appear with a button that says add extension - click it!
  • In the top right of your Chrome browser - beside the address bar - you'll find an icon that looks like a little puzzle piece. Click this icon to see your Chrome extensions. A drop down menu will open; look for Keplr and click it to start your wallet. ⚠️ Do NOT sign in with Google ⚠️.
  • Instead of using a Google sign in, click create new account.
  • You'll see a list of 12 words, copy them down and store them VERY safely. This is super serious business here; if you loose these phrases at any point you may end up loosing your account and if someone gets this "seed phrase" (aka "mnemonic key") they can maliciously syphon all your funds. "With great power comes great responsibility".
  • Name your account however you see fit, the name is just for visual reference. When prompted, create a password that you'll remember and store it safely (an encrypted password manager is a good solution).
  • Keplr will check you have safely stored your 12 words by asking you to click them in a particular order, do so and then select done. The screen will then close and your wallet will run in the background. You are now done with initial setup 🥳