Using web3 wallets!

Cosmos based wallets

Prerequisite: make sure you have installed and setup Keplr wallet.

  • Open your Chrome browser and look for the puzzle piece in the top right corner. Click it to see your extensions. A drop down menu will appear and within it you'll find Keplr as an option; click it to open your wallet.
  • Type the password you previously created into Keplr and click unlock. At the top of the Keplr window between the hamburger menu and the icon of a person you'll see a network name articulated; probably Cosmos Hub.
  • Click this network name and a drop down menu will appear. Scroll down to find the network you wish to use; for instance if you select Regen as your network then where you saw Cosmos Hub will now read Regen instead.
  • Below in the Keplr interface this you'll see the name you chose for your wallet, below that you'll set of characters which looks like regen1pc6x4v4sxlf...05cy3tt4w; this is your wallet address or public key. This public key or always starts with the name of your 'home chain', so in this example it's regen.
  • Click this text to copy it and you'll see a notification saying address copied. You can then share this address with others in order to interact with them (sign transactions, make exchanges, send tokens etc.). Alternatively you can click the deposit button and a QR code will pop up, which another person can then scan with their camera to send you a transaction.
  • Ask a friend to send you a test transaction of a few tokens just to make sure everything's working. You can check these have been received by opening Keplr and looking at the purple available tag - this may take a short amount of time to show up. Assuming you see the tokens showing, all is good and you have received your first transaction!
  • If you have tokens in your wallet you can also send a transaction. In your Keplr wallet interface, you just need to click the send button on the home screen. Doing so will open up a screen asking for an address; paste the address you want to send to and choose the denomination you wish to transfer and select send. (Instructions may be less exact on this point)
  • Celebrate; you're now a 'crypto initiate' having successfully overcome several user experience issues of web3! W00p 🎉