July 27, 2022

Hello Cosm0s

Hello Cosm0s

Hi, welcome to the genesis p0st of this blog; a hitchhikers guide "to the cosmos"! Here you'll find an eclectic mix of function, fiction and second order science integrating creative writing as a form of edutainment or abdoctrination. Essentially the core purpose of this production is to raise creative capacity by combining rationality, empiricism and imagination!


1) Most obviously and least importantly, Arthur C. Clark previously reserved the name A Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. The original narrative continues to memetically (re)create itself in new and novel forms in an iterative feed-forward process... so, here we are! As implied you'll find a number of 'guides' as well as some pretty far out discussions on "the meaning of life, the universe, and everything" (🐠 #NOT42, #Perhaps12; but thanks for all the fish! 🐟)

2) The psychonaut Robert Anton Wilson's final book was titled Email to the Universe, so reciprocating with a guide to the cosmos feels like a humorous way of doubling down on the "to the [space]" theme while upcycling some colourful subject matter. Consequentially this guide will include plenty of Regenerati triangles, neuro-semantic hikus (intended to change your mind) and reporting on auto-cults (e.g. DAOs)!

3) John Bennets Dramatic Universe (and the correspondent Cosmic Ecology courses from H3Uni.org) are massively inspirational. Bennet drops the foundational philosophy from which we can derive better sciences - facts from which even stranger fictions can be constituted from; big questions such as 'are the rocks alive?', 'what is life?', 'are the planets communicating?' and the tricky terrain of quantum physics.

4) Most literally (and thus boringly), myself and an number of friends are surveying the Cosmos ecosystem from our Lunar base as we work on an "Impact DAO". Making the blockchain accessible is a pretty tricky task - especially as we're in a discovery process ourselves - but as we undertake our exploration we hope produce and publish a number of 'hitchikers guides to the cosmos'.

Pzzckkkh.... End transmission... Over!