Commonwealth sign-up!

Commonwealth is a user interface for Cosmos. This means that it can be used to interact with Cosmos ecosystem blockchains such as Regen or Osmosis. It's primary use case is discussion and on chain governance. There are often norms about discussion period before starting a vote and each community will have their own voting window. On Regen this is two weeks in both instances.

Commonwealth sign up instructions

Prerequisite: Google chrome browser with Keplr installed.

  • Go to as first stop, then click the Log in button at the top right of the page to get started. You will be presented with the options Email, Github, Discord or Wallet.
  • While you can technically log-in with any of these options but you can't do much without a wallet address so its best to choose the wallet option; you can associate other profiles later if you like. Select Continue with wallet and a drop down menu will appear; choose Keplr.
  • In doing so, Commonwealth will launch your wallet and ask you to input your password before clicking Unlock. Once you've done this you're backed to the login window where you're asked to select an address; these are all your accounts so choose which ever you wish to use.
  • This will open your wallet and assuming your using a Regen wallet it will ask you to sign a transaction of 0 $REGEN, worth $0 (if you're using a Cosmos account, you'll be asked in $ATOM. Either way, click the approve button and you'll be logged in to your account.
  • You can now interact with the forum by responding to threads, starting new ones, making proposals or voting on them. Opitonally you can enrich your profile information with a picture and bio by clicking your name/address in the top right corner and then Edit Profile.
  • Celebrate, your now able to participate in community discussions and make proposals 🎉