Commonwealth discussion!

On chain proposals start life as a discussion on commonwealth. There are often social norms around voting. On Regen for example there is two weeks minimum discussion before discussions can be turned into proposals.

Commonwealth discussion

Prerequisite: Install Chrome and the Keplr extension, sign up for commonwealth.

  • Head over to the community you wish to participate in. (e.g.
  • Click the log in button on the top right hand side of the screen. A pop up will appear with several options. Select continue with wallet and select Keplr in the drop down menu that appears.
  • Keplr will then launch and ask you to your password - type this in and click unlock. The screen will then change and ask you to sign a transaction (zero denomination); clickApprove. You should now be logged in and able to post.
  • A) Select a discussion that interests you and scroll down to the bottom of the page to reply to the main topic, or click the speech bubble icon under a comment to reply inline. Write your comment and then click the submit button. Celebrate, your comment has been posted 🎉
  • B) If you wish to start a new discussion, you may do so by clicking the new thread button beside the search bar. Select a topic for filing purposes and give your post a usefultitle. Fill in the `body` as neatly as you can using the text editing functions and click Create thread to post, or Save draft if you wish to come back to your post later. Celebrate, your thread has been created 🎉